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Posted by Heather Fisher on

Welcome to The Crochet Crypt!

Lots of stuff is happening around here! There are a bunch of items already available in the shop. I have tons of ideas on new products to add and they will be added in batches. If you're interested in getting updates when new items are added make sure you sign up for the newsletter! 

This week I'm going to start working on Halloween stuff! Look out for my next blog entry which will contain a Halloween preview.  

So what is The Crochet Crypt all about? 

This store is designed to sell items that I crochet. I reached a point recently where I couldn't possibly use all the stuff I was making so I decided to open up a shop so other people can enjoy them! 

Keep in mind custom requests are accepted (just fill out the from on the request page). This includes items that are sold out in the shop, items in the shop in a different color or something not in the shop at all!

 I would also love to hear any ideas of stuff to add to the shop! Fill out the form on the contact page or shoot me an email at

That's all for tonight, I got some more Halloween planning to do!



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