This is (Almost) Halloween! (Product Preview)

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I don't know about you but I'm more than ready for the fall and with that Spooky Season!! I've been working on some new items just for Halloween (or if you're like me - for all year round >.> ) 

The first batch of Halloween items will launch this weekend and another batch of items will be soon to follow. 

Here is a preview of some items that will launch this weekend

Skull Scarf: 

This skull scarf (Note:image below is only half the scarf) is a pattern I've been wanted to make for a while now - what better excuse to finally get to it than Halloween season? This is made with thin yarn so it won't be too hot for those warmer fall days - but great for those chilly days! Finished product will be approx 5 feet long by 7 inches wide. Will be available in black and red (although red may not be available until the next batch).

Stuffed Pumpkins: 
Pretty much a fall essential! These stuffed pumpkins are approximately 8 inches in diameter (a smaller approx 5 inch diameter pumpkin can be made upon request). All of the pumpkins I'm making now are in shades of orange - because well...they are pumpkins - but requests can be made for other colors. 


Little Spider Amigurumi:

Isn't he adorable?! I happen to love all kinds of spiders! If you don't perhaps this little guy can ease that arachnophobia with his little googly eyes.

Bat Amigurumi:

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the bat ready quite yet. But you can bet he too will be super adorable! 

That's (probably) it for the batch coming this weekend. The next batch will include at least some black cat Amigurumi and some tombstones. 

Looking for a different Halloween item? Feel free to send suggestions to



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