Is there an out of stock item you see in the store that you want? 
Is there a color out of stock or you would just really want a color not listed? 
Looking for something you don't see here?

This is where you can put in a request for an item!

Standard Request:

Standard Requests are requests for an item listed in the store that is either

  • sold out
  • desired color is sold out
  • desired color is not listed

Custom requests: 
Custom requests are for items that are not currently found in the store. If you would like to submit a custom request please include as much detail possible.

The amount of time that it will take for requested items to be sent out will vary. 

Things that will affect the turnaround time:

  • Custom requests will generally take longer 
  • If I have the yarn on hand for your request it will be quicker! If I can find it locally it will still be fairly quick, but if I need to place an order to have shipped it will take longer.
  • Amount of other requests I have. It's just me here!